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About Montréal

Founded in 1642 by French colonists, Montréal is both the 2nd largest city in Canada and the 2nd largest French-speaking metropolis in the world. A place of contrasts, with glass towers standing aside historic stone buildings, both French and English spoken throughout the downtown core, a vast network of cycling paths and urban parks amidst the bustle of modern city life, Montréal offers a secure, dynamic and exciting location for all seasons.

From the charming Old Montréal to the movement and activity of the modern downtown, the gorgeous views from magnificent Mount Royal Park, the cosmopolitan diversity of citizens and neighbourhoods plus an exhilarating and diverse nightlife, the city offers an endless selection of restaurants, pubs and nightclubs open to all tastes and budgets for visitors and locals alike. Come to Montréal and experience the magic yourself!

To learn more about the world’s second largest French-speaking city, visit www.tourism-montreal.org.

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Travelling with Families

Montréal has many activities for the whole family. Start in Old Montréal, and relive what it was like to live hundreds of years ago along the narrow cobblestone streets of a French colonial settlement. Then stop at the Montréal Science Centre to find out all about this century’s cutting-edge innovations. Visit the Biodome to travel the natural world from the tropics to the Arctic, or develop your artistic talents at the Museum of Fine Arts workshops. The sporty ones will want to try the exciting rides at La Ronde or plunge down the Lachine Rapids in a jet boat. All in all, Montréal’s attractions are sure to be loved by kids and parents alike.