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Session 7 - Accompanying Policy

How do we welcome personal care assistants? (Panel)

Session 13 - Normes et bâtiments # 1

Roberto Vitali, Village for All –V4A, Italy

V4AInside…Take the measures for your holidays

Powerpoint presentation


Katerina Papamichail, Architect and Accessibility Expert, European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT), Greece

Accessibility standards for public procurement of the built environment. European experiences and perspectives

Powerpoint presentation


Laure Durand, Kéroul, Québec, Canada et Sophie Lanctôt, Société Logique, Québec, Canada

How Quebec Tourism Compares to the International Norm ISO 21542

Powerpoint presentation


Ivor Ambrose, Managing Director, European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT), Greece  

Work in progress: ENAT guidelines on the universal design of tourism services

Powerpoint presentation



Session 14 - Accessible Destinations Strategies #1

Laura McGowan, International Centre for Responsible Tourism Canada, Canada

Access for all: Results of the 5th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations

Powerpoint presentation


Elina Michopoulou, University of Derby, United Kingdom

An investigation of European destination management organisations’ attitudes towards accessible tourism

Powerpoint presentation


Tatiana Alemán Selva, PREDIF, Spain

Roadmap for the consolidation of an accessible tourism destination, implemented in spanish destinations

Powerpoint presentation


Olaf Schlieper, German National Tourist Board, Germany

Development of barrier-free tourism products and services in travel destination Germany

Powerpoint presentation


Session 16 -  Market and Marketing

Laurel Van Horn, Open Doors Organization, USA

American travelers with disabilities: A new study by Open Doors Organization

Powerpoint presentation


Isabelle Ducharme, Keroul, Québec, Canada

How to seize the niche market of Accessible Tourism. Results of study by Kéroul on behaviors and attitudes of people with physical disabilities

Powerpoint presentation



Bill Forrester, TravAbility, Australie

Utilisation d’images inclusives pour profiter de l’expansion du marché du tourisme inclusif


Session 18 - Accessible Destination Strategies #2

Maolan Qing, Shandong University, China

The study on the evaluation system of information service for destination based on tourists’ perspective - A case study of Shandong Province in China

Powerpoint presentation


François Bédard, Director General, World Centre for Excellence in Destinations, Canada

Evaluation of accessibility built in the System of measures for excellence in destinations

Powerpoint presentation


Nuno Fazenda, Turismo de Portugal, Portugal

Accessibility of the Portuguese destinations: Strategy and best practices

Powerpoint presentation


Isabell Broich, University of Derby, United Kingdom

Can accessible tourism be sustainable?

Powerpoint presentation


Session 21 - Normes et bâtiments  #2

Jacqueline Rousseau, Université de Montréal, Centre de recherche Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal (CRIUGM), Canada

Does the design of access ramps lie in a vision of inclusive society?

Powerpoint presentation


Ernesto Morales, CIRRIS, Université Laval, Canada

Rethinking the accessibility standards for public toilets

Powerpoint presentation


Bill Forrester, TravAbility, Australia

Utilising Universal Design on "soft infrastructure” for competitive advantage and greater economics returns


Ivor Ambrose, Presenting on behalf of Ahmed El-Rida, Accessbility Consultant at Attyseer

Universal Design - Briding the Gap - with Architects and Building Designers

Powerpoint presentation


Session 23 - Labélisation de territoires accessibles

Annette Masson, Association Tourisme et Handicaps (ATH), France

Development of the trademark "Destination pour tous" in France

Powerpoint presentation


Frédéric Reichhart, Groupe de Recherche sur le Handicap, l’Accessibilité et les Pratiques Educatives et de Scolarisation (GRHAPES), France

Accessibility, labelization and tourism

Powerpoint presentation


Dominic Lapointe, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

Accessibility to recreation and tourism: Measurement and territorialisation

Powerpoint presentation


Frédéric Reichhart, INS HEA, Paris, et David Amiaud, Université de La Rochelle, France

Designing universally accessible tourist territories for otherwise capable people with regard to the principle of spatial equity

Powerpoint presentation

Session 25 - Access to information # 1

Edward Manning, Tourisk Inc and Sustainable Travel International-Canada, Canada

Can I go there? Global information to support access for all

Powerpoint presentation


Vincent Snoeck, Access-i asbl, Belgium

Access-i, an information tool on accessibility of building

Powerpoint presentation


Brigitte Fillion, Chargée de projets CRLB Virtuel , Centre de réadaptation Lucie-Bruneau (CRLB), Canada

Click for CRLB-Virtual: A goldmine of useful information for people with physical disabilities

Powerpoint presentation


Roberto Vitali, Village for all – V4A®, Italy

V4A® International Quality Brand Hospitality for All

Powerpoint presentation

Session 26 - Quality of service

Jay Cardinali, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, USA

Experience the magic! Disability, Disney, and assistive technology

Powerpoint presentation


Barry Ginley, Victoria and Albert Museum, Royaume-Uni

Access to good customer service

Powerpoint presentation


Alfred Spencer, Accessiblity Directorate of Ontario, Canada

Accessible customer service: How Ontario’s accessibility laws will enhance the visitor experience and create a welcoming environment for the 2015 Pan/Parapan American Games

Powerpoint presentation


Chao-Fu Hsu, Taiwan Access for All Association, Taiwan

Building accessible tourism services in Tamsui

Powerpoint presentation


Session 29 - Partenariats

Jacinthe Dumoulin, Ministère du Tourisme du Québec, Canada

Partnership: The approach of Quebec to develop and promote an accessible destination

Powerpoint presentation


Isabelle Ducharme, Presidente of the management board, Kéroul, Québec, Canada 

Kéroul: Operating instructions

Powerpoint presentation


Judith Parisien, Director general, Le Phénix, Canada

The 2005 Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

Powerpoint presentation


Pilar Soret Lafraya, Fundosa Accesibilidad S.A., Spain 

Private and public financing: A successful strategy in accessible tourism

Powerpoint presentation


Session 30 - Access to information #2

Yeshwant Holkar, UMOJA, Mumbai,  India ; Benjamin Musgrave, UMOJA, London, United Kingdom

A global platform for accessible travel and hotel booking


Edward Manning, Tourisk Inc and Sustainable Travel International-Canada, Canada

Open discussion / Global information to support access for all

Powerpoint presentation

Texts of the presentation



Session 31 - Training

Pierre Margot-Cattin, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland

Developing tourism for all by acting within the process of training futur actors of the tourim industry: a swiss experimentation

Powerpoint presentation


Stéphanie Gélinas, Kéroul, Canada

Welcoming Ways, the training offered by Kéroul

Powerpoint presentation


Dominique Rabet, D. R. Consultant,  Association Tourisme et Handicaps (ATH), France

Training, the main aspect of accessibility during your vacation

Powerpoint presentation


Susan Clarke, Canadian Transportation Agency; Matthieu Labelle, Canadian Transportation Agency

Accessibility for all: Training material for transportation service providers