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Expected results


Expected results


Together to create the solution
  • An understanding of the roles played by various sectors – particularly the central role of destinations - in developing tourism for all
  • State-of-the-Art presentations and keynotes addressing Accessibility in Tourism, Culture and Transportation
  • Tools useful in bringing the need for Accessible Tourism development to the attention of government and industry
  • The creation of a common strategy aimed at making “One World for Everyone”
  • The creation of a global network for Accessible Tourism
  • Bring together Practitioners and Researchers to share findings and experiences
  • Discuss the rational for the development of Accessible Tourism products
  • Present best practice in Accessible Tourism case studies
  • Discuss the current state of Accessible Tourism research and identify what supply side and demand side research needs to be carried out in order to better understand this market
  • Share what works (and what doesn’t work) in promoting the development of Accessible Tourism
  • Identify commonalities in quality rating and certification programmes
  • Characterise successful training programmes in Accessible Tourism customer service
  • Discuss the purpose of a global network for Accessible Tourism, how that network will operate, and what that network will achieve.

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